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Developer: Keppel Bay Pte Ltd Tenure of land: 99 years w.e.f 15 March 2006 Developer's Licence No: C0167 Lot No: 234X, 239V and 3039V of Mukim 1 Expected Date of Vacant Possession: 30 June 2013 Expected Date of Legal Completion:30 June 2016 Building Plan Approval No: A1182-00004-2000-BP01 (21/03/2007)/A1182-00004-2000-BP02 (29/10/2007)/A1182-00004-2000-BP03 (16/03/2008)/A1182-00004-2000-BP04 (23/03/2010)/A1182-00004-2000-BP05 (27/10/2011)   © 2016 Keppel Land International Limited.
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